Our history


  • Purchase of the company Pierre Loche founded in 1947, refrigeration mechanic specialised in local commercial businesses.
  • Transition from the activity of an independent contractor to that of a structured refrigeration installation solution,
  • Change of strategy and business development towards industrial customers.


  • Start of the remote cold chain surveillance system activity and the launch of the 24/7 breakdown service.
  • Move from the premises in Paris to Bagnolet (93)


  • Lionel LEMAIRE current CEO of the company joins the company Pierre Loche as breakdown mechanic.
  • The company has 10 employees.


Creation of AFATEK SAS which progressively integrates Pierre Loche.

  • The name AFATEK is created from AFATA TOÉ TOÉ which means refrigerator in Polynesian. Afatek wins an important deal with the pioneer of grocery shopping home delivery, AFATEK considerably increases the size of their teams.


Development of the cold chain for pharmaceutical activities,

Creation of a complete range of specific equipment: KRYOSTICK® and KRYOSTORE® in collaboration with the largest pharmaceutical distributor on the French market.


Move to the premises at CHAMPLAN (91)

Nathalie MAJID current managing director joins AFATEK as after-sales service assistant


Diversification of the activity and creation of the HVAC department (Air conditioning, ventilation, air treatment).



Arnaud TITARD current Technical Director joins AFATEK as Remote maintenance and surveillance manager with the mission of developing remote maintenance and surveillance offers.


  • Beginning of the buy out process by the 3 current shareholders: Mr Lionel LEMAIRE, Mr Arnaud TITARD and Mrs Nathalie MAJID
  • The company has 24 employees


  • AFATEK becomes shareholder of the group SAS CLIMATICIENS DE FRANCE
  • Creation and launch of the VIGIEBOX® energy management solution


  • Finalisation of the buy out process by the current shareholders, Mr Lionel LEMAIRE becomes the new CEO.
  • Signing of an important contract with the pharmaceutical industry for the development of the KRYOSTICK® and KRYOSTORE® solution


Implementation of the new communication strategy: new logo, new graphic identity, new website.


The history of AFATEK is based on these values which continue to guide our strategic development for tomorrow:

  • Never endure, act: “the best way of predicting the future is to invent it”
  • Anticipate new challenges
  • Create value for our customers
  • SERVICE, more SERVICE and still more SERVICE!
  • Increase the geographical area of our activities.


Afatek key figures

The company has constantly progressed since its creation in 1999 and has an ambition of controlled growth for the coming years.


The turnover of Afatek is evenly distributed between its key activities of maintenance and the installation of new material. Since 2011 energy management, under the brand VIGIEBOX, represents an increasingly important part of turnover and is in constant progression.



Listening to and understanding our customers and their needs is a key focus at AFATEK. Our teams develop solutions to meet our customer’s expectations as closely as possible. This mindset, which motivates all AFATEK staff, aims to continuously bring better products and services to our customers, enabling them to benefit from competitive advantages and favouring the development of their companies.


We are committed to being an innovative, reactive and reliable partner and to offering reliable and secure freezer and refrigeration solutions. Our experience, our know-how and our willingness to innovate are undeniable advantages for our continued growth. To maintain this value, we continue to invest by increasing our research and development potential to support product innovation.


Because the success of a project always depends on the quality of its team, we provide an ambitious continuous training programme which is constantly updated for our staff in order to maintain a high level of technical knowledge and professionalism and respect the set time limits.


The evolution of market needs often leads to implementing multi-technique solutions. Afatek has therefore developed partnerships with our customers (as well as with suppliers and companies with complementary activities), in order to develop and offer global, sophisticated and innovative solutions.


In our company we act in an ethical and socially responsible manner and we also implement actions in order to contribute to the improvement of our environment.

A client focused organisation

Our number one priority: Our customers

Our organisation and geographical location (close to Orly airport and motorway network) have been considered with only one thing in mind: our customers. Our internal organisation is centred around two main areas of action: the Technical department and the Installation team. Support functions (admin and sales) assist these two hubs under the management of the CEO.

Thanks to this structure, we can provide our customers (local, national and international) with particularly reactive research, technical and maintenance services.

Thinking ahead and responding to your needs

Our industrial organisation (remote management system, GPS equipped vehicle fleet, stocks…) allows us to respond to our customers’ demands, and to think ahead.

This is our way of showing our customers our continued investment in the level of service we offer.



The AFATEK head office is based in the south of the Paris region in a recent building adapted to our activity.

  • Office surface area (320 m²)
  • Storage and warehouse surface  area (370 m²)
  • Repair workshop surface area (20 m²)


A network of two IT systems (30 installed PCs)  allows for a precise management of the services delivered to our clients.

A telephone helpline is provided by our technicians 24 hours a day, in order to respond to the specific needs of on call technicians in the field.

WINSAV software

WINSAV is the tool used for the management of all after-sales service interventions and the maintenance of equipment needing periodical maintenance (refrigeration equipment and air conditioning). This tool allows us to follow the use of spare parts and guarantee our customer’s system in real time.

PCWIN software

PC WIN is software which allows the surveillance of equipment deployed for a customer from a central workstation. At our supervision platform we can remotely control certain parameters of the functions of installed equipment, such as temperature, electricity consumption and detect all dysfunctions.

Our research office has a full professional software suite at their disposition to design your projects.

Research software:

  • Thermal Balance calculation software:

– Perrenoud (air conditioning/heating)
– Frilog (refrigeration).

Design software:



  • Storage warehouses:

Refrigeration and hydraulic components, electric components, electronic components (for remote surveillance).

Refrigerant storage area:
Permanent stock of more than 3 tonnes of refrigerant


Our repairmen’s vehicles are fitted to carry: tools (25 boxes), a stock of spare parts and bottles of refrigerant (R22, R407c, R410a, R404a, R134a, R408a and the recovery bottle).

The fitters have TRAFFIC (or VIVARO) vehicles equipped for the fitting of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

All our vehicles are equipped with GPS navigation to optimise their journeys. The vehicles of our fitters and repairmen and women are also equipped with a geolocation module which allows us to locate them in real time in order to intervene quickly at our customers’ sites.

A priority for all members of staff: regularly updated, highly qualifying training

At AFATEK we believe that the safety of personnel and installations comes from the continuous training of our teams concerning new equipment, as well as regular updates about electronics and different professional risks.

Our staff is regularly trained in the following:

  • Brazing qualification valid for 3 years, certified by Bureau Veritas the 16.02.2006 according to the NF EN 13133 standard of October 2001,
  • Electrical accreditation level B2V-BR-BTA according to the decree n° 88-1056 of 14th November 1988 (article 48) and decree  n° 82-167 of 16th February 1982 (article 4) relating to electrical distribution,
  • Forklift truck licence (CACES),
  • Authorisation to operate mobile elevating work platforms for people of categories 3A & 3B,
  • Training on air conditioning material (DAIKIN, ATLANTIC, AIRWELL,…)
  • Aptitude certificate, conforming to article R543-106 of the Environment Code,
  • Working at height and in particular conditions of use for scaffolding – R408 recommendations of the CNAMTS.

Afatek has all the necessary qualifications and accreditations to carry out its installation and maintenance services in the domains of refrigeration and air conditioning.

The handling and transfer of refrigerants is regulated by different decrees. 

This regulation requires the authorised company to have competent staff and the necessary tools for the transfer of refrigerants.

AFATEK has the following:

  • The Certificate of Professional Competence n° 12339 –category 1, issued by Qualimafroid-adc the 04/05/09 for a duration of 5 years (see
  • Qualiclima : I/A120-B201 H.Tech.GTC,

  • Qualifroid : A III PN/ TBT/DD/FF H.Tech.θ-HR-GTC,
  • DESP : Pressure Equipment Directive : 97/23-CE-PED,


Commitment and professionalism

Our objective at AFATEK is to offer career evolution to our members of staff.

To help staff progress we:
– encourage initiative and innovations,
– offer a pleasant working environment,
– use performance based reward systems,
– create an environment which attracts, retains and develops talent.


Our company is constantly developing and looking for new members of staff.

We are currently looking for the following profiles (permanent contract)  :

  • Maintenance
  • Repairmen/women
  • Control engineers
  • Account managers
  • Sales managers
  • CVC

We also hire interns (minimum “bac professionel” level).

If you think one of these opportunities could be your future career and you meet the required conditions, please send your application to Afatek.

We commit to being an equal opportunities employer and do not discriminate on age, gender, ethnic origin, opinions or any other personal characteristic.



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