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Working side by side today and for tomorrow : Afatek guarantees the installation and optimisation of your equipment.


From the design of the global project, through to installing your equipment on site, setting up your appliances and training your agents, you benefit from all the expertise of one single supplier.

Our installations, which benefit from our engineering skills and perfected technical solutions, ensure the best level of reliability and flexibility. Additionally they offer numerous configuration possibilities to serve very specific needs.

Afatek also offers a Facility management service which allows you to entrust us with the totality of your project and dedicate your energy to your core business with complete peace of mind.

Ensure the maintenance and improvement of YOUR installations

Once your solution has been designed and implemented, we offer a full range of services to guarantee its continued functioning: staff training, remote surveillance, interventions on site and 24/7 assistance. To guarantee the smooth running of your installation, we offer made to measure maintenance contracts, proactive diagnosis visits, adapted documentation, preventative spare parts, reconditioning services and complete management programmes for your equipment.

Guaranteed performance throughout the product life cycle of YOUR installations

Over time the productivity and efficiency of your installations may reduce, and above all new technologies and innovative processes may be more adapted to your business.

If a performance audit reveals areas for possible improvement, we do our utmost to help you implement the improvements. We continue to improve our own solutions to respond to the constant evolution of your needs and the demands of the sector.

We will accompany you when you wish to improve the quality of your products, the well being within your structures, optimise the performance of your installations, reduce your operational costs, limit your ecological footprint or simply extend the life cycle of your equipment.


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