Public sector

Afatek system designs within the constraints of HQE thus reducing the energy consumption of public institutions while maximizing user comfort.

Design and installation of a geothermal heating and air conditioning system for a multimedia library (surface area 4000m2, HEQ building)

Customer challenge

  • Design and install a system respecting the constraints of an HEQ building,
  • Design an installation with a flexibility of use adapted to the variety of activities at the multimedia library,
  • Ensure continued surveillance of the correct functioning of the installations via a building management system.

Our response

  • Realisation of the HVAC with the installation of a double thermal heat pump.
  • 24/7 management of heating and air conditioning equipment with the VIGIEBOX®,

Advantages of the proposed solution

  • Detailed recording and control of energy consumption for all posts.

Our customer references:

Ville de Houille, Ville de Paris, Université Paris 8, SMITOM, SYCTOM, SIAM, SIOM, Inserm, Ville de Ris orangis, Ville d’Arcueil, Ville de chilly mazarin

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