The health sector is one of the major areas for AK. For many years we support our clients operating in this environment extremely demanding in implementing our expertise and our sense of innovation.


  • Complete management of the cold chain for the storage of medicines,
  • Design and fabrication of specific equipment to guarantee deliveries under controlled temperatures.

Customer challenges

  • Compliance with the Guide for Good Practices in the Distribution of Medicines,
  • Availability of a refrigerated storage space allowing for the preparation of orders at room temperature,
  • Optimisation of logistic operations in the preparation of orders,
  • Improvement of the design of work stations,
  • Harmonisation of refrigeration equipment across 52 sites in France and Belgium,
  • Ensure the continued functioning of the installation 24/7.

Advantages of the proposed solutions

  • Development of a real partnership, helping to create added value for OCP’s customers,
  • Continuous collaboration with the cold chain quality teams.

Our response

Guaranteed product security +2 / +8°C

  • Electronic regulation,
  • No defrosting peak,
  • FIFO (First In / First Out) rear loading,
  • LED lighting to respect surface temperatures,
  • Surveillance of the installation by AFATEK :
    • Telemetry
    • Remote maintenance
  • Complete warranty contract for 3/5 years.

Ease of use

  • No glass doors to open,
  • Saves time,
  • Ease of use for the pharmaceutical assistant,
  • Energy saving.

Technical solutions for efficient freezing

Associating the ergonomics of the accumulator preparation with optimal heat transfer = wire baskets on trolleys.

Implementation of a system which avoids the interruption of the freeze cycle, in order to be certain that the cold accumulators used have changed state.

Built-in regulator to ensure a temperature of -5°C at the centre of the accumulators with the following advantages:

*Immediate availability for order preparation,

*Ease of handling up to -20°C.

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