The agri-food sector is the historic area in which AK has made his first installations. It is still an area in which we operate regularly to the implementation of new equipment and maintenance.

Our key realisations:

Complete management of the cold chain for the storage of fresh and frozen food products,

Design and fabrication of refrigeration equipment in order to guarantee secure storage and preparation areas under controlled temperature.

Implementation of 24/7 remote surveillance solutions for cold rooms VIGIEBOX cold chain 

Our solutions allow our customers:

Availability of a permanently refrigerated storage area allowing for simultaneous order preparation.

Optimisation of logistic operations for the delivery and preparation of orders.

Improvement of the ergonomics of work stations (control of air change rate, limitation of installation noise level,..)

Ensure continued functioning of the installations 24/7.

Our customer references:

Telemarket, eurofromage, massy marché, exostar, macarons gourmands, OAT

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Our references - Afatek

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